Education: Are you a Primary or High School teacher? We recruit teachers for schools in London and the rest of England.


Teaching is a noble profession. At SHE Recruitment we value the role the teachers play in teaching and role modelling for the future leaders of this country. We value your work with pupils and students.
The SHE Recruitment advisory and support team includes an experienced school teacher. You will be supported by a recruitment consultant who has worked as a teacher for many years.

SHE Recruitment is registering for supply teachers and for permanent positions in: Local authority schools, academies, faith schools and colleges
  • Early Years
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • High School - All Subjects
  • Colleges - Maths and Science
You will be matched with vacancies advertised by schools. Join an Agency that values professionals who are passionate about working with pupils and students.
We also recruit high school Maths and Science teachers from overseas.
At SHE Recruitment we value teachers. Register with us

.Support for Candidates
  • We provide some induction in supply teaching
  • We provide professional development and advice

Support for Schools
  • ​We will provide you with teachers who are qualified and experienced for the posts advertised.
  • We provide teachers that have DBS checks
  • Our teachers are trained in Safeguarding Children
  • Our teachers will observe the school policies and integrate into the school whether they are there on short or long contracts.
  • We provide you with teachers that integrate into the school and become part of the school team.
  • When you encounter problems with candidates that we provide you with, we will listen to you and try by all means to resolve the problem or provide you with another teacher if the problem cannot be resolved.